Photo of Rick JohnstoneRick Johnstone

President, IVM Partners, Inc., 2003-Present
(Integrated Vegetation Management Partners, Incorporated)
IVM Partners, Inc. is a 501-C-3 non-profit corporation operated to develop, educate professionals and the public with respect to, and apply integrated vegetation management practices to provide safe, reliable and accessible utility and highway rights-of-way, improve wildlife and endangered species habitats, control exotic weeds, and lower risk of wildfire. We develop partnerships between industry and government so that best practices are used to resolve vegetation management problems in military installations, communities, forests, parks, and wildlife refuges in a safe, economical and environmentally responsible manner; and with cooperation from universities and conservation organizations conduct research and
disseminate information with respect to regional geo-physiological differences in vegetation management practices.

Principal, VMES, LLC

(Vegetation Management with Environmental Stewardship, LLC)
VMES is the leading consulting company specializing in Arboriculture and Integrated Vegetation Management best practices advice and training for utility and roadside rights-of-way managers, contractors, government agencies, environmental organizations and other land managers.

We use an innovative approach to meet the primary objectives of safe, accessible and economical energy or transportation services or land management; while improving wildlife and pollinator habitat, invasive weed control, reduced wildfire risk, habitat restoration and environmental stewardship.

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